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Ho chi minh guest friendly hotels

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Ho chi minh guest friendly hotels

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Keep reading for my full review! Luan Vu Hotel Luan Vu Hotel is inexpensive, basic and simply ideal if you want to travel on a budget.

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Saigon’s best guest friendly hotels, vietnam (hcmc)

Copy the link below to share this search result of this hotel. All of this may sound a little confusing. If you want to stay at a cji that lets you bring girls over, you need to book a guest friendly hotel.

Whether you choose a prostitute or a happy girl looking for fun, no one will ever question you about her. One has dirt cheap prices, another has a great swimming pool, and the last one is a high-end place where celebrities and world leaders stay when they visit.

The best guest friendly hotels in ho chi minh city

There are lots of restaurants around too. No one bothered to ask me about them.

Luan Vu Hotel Luan Vu Hotel is inexpensive, basic and simply ideal if you want to travel on a budget. Some lower floor rooms can be noisy, so book on a higher floor for more quiet room. As a result, they have all the amenities you need, hotfls a gym, swimming pool, and lounge bar.

Guest friendly hotels in ho chi minh city / girl friendly hotels in ho chi minh city

I stayed there once as it is good value for money. If you met somebody after a long night out, you don't want to be surprised by unexpected room charges because you took somebody to your room, always book one of our girl friendly hotels in Ho Chi Minh City which are also called guest friendly hotels in Ho Chi Minh City. Not all hotels are checked again in ! My Room at Alagon Central Hotel. Considering the star rating of the hotel, you may think that it would be tough or even impossible to bring guests back here.

You should always book guest friendly hotels in Ho Chi Minh City for two persons, even if you check in alone. Keep reading for my full review! You get a nice room, free WiFi, gym and swimming pool access, and complimentary breakfast. When bored, I even asked the receptionist for recommendations and he managed to find a couple of girls.

I searching couples

It was used as a headquarters for journalists, government officials, and military personal. Rooms at the front can be noisy, so ask for a high floor room at the back. The majority of hotels enforce a minimum er age of 20 or older. In modern-day, the Caravelle is an upscale hotel with beautiful architecture and a wonderful staff. Some said that girls might be asked for an ID, as a security measure — never happened to me. I was surprised to find out that guys at the reception can find girls for you, make recommendations and even take them straight to your room ci proper room service.

When it comes to bringing girls over, it just cannot get any better.

Guest friendly hotels ho chi minh update

You have wireless Internet, a safe, a good supply of toiletries to shower before and after sex and helpful staff that can speak good English. Walk in, say hello and go to your room. Ho Sen Hotel Located close to many local and international restaurants, the popular Apocalypse Now nightclub and some nice landmarks, Ho Sen Hotel provides excellent value for money — a night there costs less than a lunch in a western country, but the amenities are more than enough for a comfortable holiday.

Unofficially, the usual advice given to visitors is that one and two star hotels chk allow guests in the rooms while better facilities will not. For budget conscious travelers, this is an excellent pace to stay.

Top guest friendly hotels ho chi minh (saigon)

You basically have everything, from bars and restaurants to room service and wireless Internet. Looking to meet and date Vietnamese girls? Minh Vy Hotel Minh Vy Hotel has always been a good choice for foreigners, but things have become even better, as it was renovated. Where to find bar girls and freelancers in Ho Chi Minh? In fact, during my last visit I ended up partying with some local models who were celebrating their latest photo-shoot. Do not get me wrong — you still have lots of amenities.

The location is in the middle of Bui Vien Street with many cheap eating places and massage salons nearby.

6. victory sai gon hotel (district 3)

Other than that, the rooms are clean and nicely decorated. It is cost efficient, rated to be inexpensive, but the amenities on site are excellent — perfect location close to everything, wireless Internet, laundry, television, room service, more types of rooms, air conditioning and many more. These non-nonsense hotels are far from luxurious but they are satisfactory. However, there is a sky bar, people coming and going all the time and nobody cares who you bring with you.

The girl explained to me that she never had problems to stay with customers in any star hotels in Ho Chi Minh. This luxurious hotel is located just a short walk away from a of hot spots including the new walking street and plenty of bars and massage shops.

I recommend tipping receptionists for everything — finding you girls, calling you a taxi mihh so on. Hotel prices are based on booking 2 months in advance, if you book a hotel closer to the date you stay then the price might be higher. Thank you for reading this article. Swimming Pool What are these hotels? The info is a bit old. Also, these places are located right friejdly, near all the bars and nightclubs. I stayed there for four days and I brought not less than five girls at different times.