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Doggin stories

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Doggin stories

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By: edlangston Category: Outdoor Score: 5 Added: 21 Oct - My name is Storied, and I was forty-one years old at the time the main events in this story occurred. Buxom is the old fashioned term. Nice pair of 38D's and long full thigh legs. She's got an arse that goes with the thighs and a bit of a belly too. She is not th

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Dogging stories

I was a little taken aback. When I finished my storytelling, Josh, with his eyes fixated on mine, told me not to worry. She went over to a post and started using it like a stripper's pole, grinding and sliding against it.

I was really excited and my hands Dooggin roaming up and down her back and over her buttocks. One time it was a different story.

Dogging public sex stories

She would then drive to the far corner and park. There are guidelines and things you have to adhere to.

This one guy had a really booming stereo system in his car, and he was blasting some house music. The same girl, the same goal. A mother-of-three explains that she finds it hard to think of herself as sexy as she has always been big. Anyway, he moved away and parked up, then kept moving every couple of minutes. I tried asking Judith, my girlfriend, for suggestions on what she thought we storiess do, but she was as bereft dtories an idea as myself.

I then took a little peek behind me and I saw a group of three couples staring at us. She is not th It's like I'm watching a 3-D porno flick. They didn't act like they noticed but they sure were quiet Register Now! She seemed to delight in having her legs wide open and a strange man less than 2 feet away looking at her cunt which at this time was wide open and extremely wet Probably the best time I ever had was the second time I went dogging, and the first time I got At that moment another car came in with main beam on - thanks!

The blonde's all over me and I'm all over her as she rips off my shirt and pushes me down on a bean bag chair in the van and pulls off my trunks.

As soon as we set When I told my girlfriend what happened, she got up to see, and as soon as she did the asshole in front zoomed off. I make eye contact with the blonde.

Dark side of dogging - from disgusting abuse to tragic motives and animal intruders

Being sort of tipsy, I didn't mind it one bit. We have met people from the site several times, and I like to be submissive and let my friends and random guys screw me one at a time in the car. It is dusk and I can see a light burning through the front window. I then felt Taylor's hands come off of my hips go up and squeeze my breasts.

I brought a friend and we got there around 1am. There were six of them, and they were ogling me up and down.

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I took no notice as this turned me on even more. We all hollered when she stopped and we thought she was walking away, but then she turned and came back and put on a full on show for us.

The meeting with Josh Josh was a pal at the night club I frequented on weekends. Having finished, we realised that the only way back to the car was directly past the group. I get out of my car and I can hear a girl moaning.

See a problem?

Next thing I knew, the door was open and she'd swung her legs stpries the door! By: malc72 Category: Group Sex Score: 4. I said ok meanwhile hoping no cops would drive by. My wife got on first and I was on the step below her. She always tells husband she loves him before leaving and treats dogging as "foreplay" before returning to get her hands on him. I had traveled to London one day and we couldn't get into our hotel until 12 noon so we drove out to Barking park for stoires bit of fun until we could go to our hotel.

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Her goal was to make me come before we got to S. She loved the idea and rushed off to get ready.

Then she tasted herself. I looked like a slut, just how Taylor, my boyfriend, likes it.

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The unexpected arrival of a furry intruder, a fox, is too much for Terry who claims he's too cold and uncomfortable so they are forced to leave. It took them storues 2 - 3 minutes to slow down and stop, and he pulled his cock out, Terry flopped her head back and said 'ohgod, that was intense!

At that moment, I felt I needed someone to talk to, and I could not resist the urge to let it all out. And that was how we agreed to go for our very first dogging experience, which marked the beginning of our dogging stories.

My very sexy 50 year old wife confessed to me that she would like to try outdoor sex, it never occured to either of us that this would lead to I was completely transfixed when her soft gaze gave way to a sexy smile. My boyfriend eventually shot a huge wad of cum deep into me. We drove for about 10 minutes, the whole time with my right hand rubbing her storifs thighs and her left hand stroking my cock. When we got to the hotel the sex was unbelievable.

I saw a guy who I fancied on the site, and we contacted him.